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Chip pic1.jpg
Chip's first freshening udder
Chip as dry yearling

Udder Grace Chip

Chip hails from Beth Woodard in Tennessee. We brought her home as a doeling in 2021, and she was a teensy-tiny little thing.  

As the year went on, we all worried that this girl might never grow big enough to have babies of her own.  This spring, though, one day I noticed she seemed to have grown by leaps and bounds overnight! I am excited about what her genetics will bring to our farm.

She gave birth to twin doelings in March, 2022, and WOW were we excited with the results. Her udder is amazing, and her kids are even more so!  Level toplines and rumps, and nice width! It was an impossible decision, but with help from the human children, we have decided to retain one doeling, Breanna, and her sister Felicity will be available soon!
Chip's first freshening kids: doelings Breanna (left)  and Felicity (right)
Chip's first freshening udder
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