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Sacred Root's Lily of the Valley "Lily"

Lily was our first registered Mini-Nubian on the farm, and she is worth her weight in solid gold. She had beautiful twins on her first freshening, and she is a dream to milk. She was giving us almost a gallon of milk even while nursing her twins.

After her twins were weaned and sold, another of our does, Daisy, gave birth to quads. Poor Daisy was not sure what to do with four babies, including two huge ones intent on hogging ALL the attention and milk! We pulled Daisy's smallest two to bottle feed; then to save time, we started letting them nurse Lily on the milk stand.

After a couple of days, we started noticing when it came to feeding time, the babies were not all that hungry. We watched them out in the field, and sure enough, Lily had fully adopted the tiny babies as her own! Having a doe adopt unrelated babies - especially when she had not recently freshened - happens only once in a blue moon. Her sweet, maternal nature has earned her a place in our hearts and on our farm for the rest of her days!

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