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Mae was our very first milk goat. Lucy saw a picture of her doeling online and thought she was cute, so we went to buy her and wound up bringing Mae home, too! She is a grade First Generation Mini-Nubian doe, born of a Nigerian Dwarf momma and a Nubian daddy.

When we bought her, we had no idea what to look for in a dairy goat. She was just a cute momma goat with no papers on a little family farm in Indiana. Little did we know, she has become invaluable on our farm. She has an amazing udder and is a thrifty, easy keeper. Our only problem with her was that she was our only horned goat, and she knew it and took full advantage!

This spring we banded her horns, and lo and behold, they fell off with very little drama or stress. Now she fits in perfectly and has had a nice attitude adjustment to being on an even playing field with her pasture mates!
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