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Heavenly Springs My Fair Daisy

Daisy has the lovely "dairiness" so coveted in dairy goats. She is feminine with beautiful lines. Her babies inherit that beauty. HillView Farms Morning Glory, from her first freshening, came to us with Daisy from just down the road at Misty Roberts' HillView Farm, and they are both a joy to have in our herd. Daisy had quads this year without assistance - that was an exciting morning to open the door to find FOUR beautiful babies! We are retaining all three doelings this year (by Whimsy), and I am excited to see how Whimsy's genes improve on her babies' udder. Daisy's udder has nice attachments, but I am hopeful that Whimsy's genetics will improve on her teat placement and size.
Daisy pic1.jpg
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