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Hearts &

Dairy Goats
& More!

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Miniature Dairy Goats
Our Goats

Hearts & Hooves is dedicated to the continued improvement of the Miniature Nubiansl We focus on udder & milk quality first and foremost, followed closely by conformation, thriftiness. When we get beautiful, flashy babies with all of the above, it is just the icing on the cake!


About Us

Hearts & Hooves is our little mini-farm located in Maceo KY.

We raise Miniature Nubian Dairy Goats,

a small flock of sheep (Khatadins & Babydolls),

along with a few horses, pigs, parrots, dogs, cats, and one ornery mule!

When time allows between work, farming, and the kids' school, scouting and sports, we love to make goat milk cheese, cajeta, ice cream, and soap! Check out our store or contact us about availabilty!



There is truly Never A Dull Moment around here. From the children to the mule, birds to sheep ~ there is always something happening!

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